Sunday, July 21, 2013


I've never gone to Comic-Con. Although I'd love to see all the costumes that the fans don. I've heard they're quite the sight and I'd love to be part of it, alright. But since my wallet isn't nearly big enough to pay for travel and fees and stuff, I'll just have to settle for coming up with my own superhero costume to throw myself a bargain-y bone. And ThredUp most certainly came to my rescue with this $15.49 gold-splattered Rock and Republic crop top made so soft it feels just like tissue! And no outfit of mine would ever be considered complete without my black and white chucks on my feet. Besides, the juxtaposition that the flower crown and cheetah pencil skirt make, leads me to think I could take the best-dressed award and Comic-Con cake any ol' time for all clearance lovers' sakes! And as I wrap up this week of wallet-friendly fashion finds, I wanted to take the time to thank ThredUp for the ultimate fashion-y hookup and can't wait to see what you wear with all of your super buys from there !