Oh, hi! Thanks so much for stopping by and being curious enough to click on why and what I happen to pick when it comes to me blogging all about fashion and thrift. The two go hand-in-hand or let's get real here, heel-to-high-heel for me and finding a bargain buy makes me really, really happy. No lie. It puts such a perma-grin on my face when I see a red clearance sticker over the place of the original price tag on any and all style swag. And I've been like this for as long as I can remember and have learned to just completely surrender and know that if it is on sale, me and my bargain shopper's binocular-ed eye are gonna prevail. And I intend to show you every day of every week just what kind of styles I can score on the cheap. Give me any of-the-moment luxe look and I will do my very best to hook and show you how to get and style it yourself, but ONLY and always with pieces from the thrifted shelf.