Friday, May 23, 2014

The Ok Coral

Okay, folks, so you know how I said I've got a California October wedding to attend? Well, I've got the dress that I'll be wearing; and I confess I've had it for months now, just had to get it out of the way somehow so I wasn't waiting 'til the last minute to find one that perfectly fit. And it's a peachy pink blush hue, but now I've got to tell you I'm stuck as to which shade of shoe I should wear with my dress. No clue. And I thought why not do a little bit of a fun and bright little tootsie pop?! So I found these Zara coral pretties, but alas, the only size they don't come in, are my feet's size 9. Friiick. So I guess, I've got to let the shoe-hunting commence. 

Photo: Zara