Monday, July 14, 2014

Cool As A Cucumber

Is it just me or do you also love those little online test and quizzes about everything under the sun? Like 'What Tarot Card Are You?' (Mine? The Wheel of Fortune card. Cool.) or 'Which Ryan Gosling Character Is the Boyfriend/Soul Mate Meant For You?' (Dan from Half Nelson. Again, cool.) Yep. I've taken 'em all. And have had quite the ball. But then, there was an unassuming one that I took last night that has quickly become my favorite one. In four easy steps, I found out that my pale skin's undertone is a cool as a cucumber. Yep yep. And that I look best in off-whites and silver jewelry, alright? So now I know just which foundation is going to match me best. And now I'm more than just a little bit curious to know: Are you as cool as a cucumber like me or as warm as the sun? Let's see! And comment me, please!?!?!

Photo: M+P Models