Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ash Money

So guys ... I just dyed my hair bleach (blonde) white. And I just have to rave about the two-step process a little bit here for Tress(es) Thursday, okay? It involved Clairol Born Blonde + Wella White Lady (T18) + Wella 20 Creme Volume Developer to get a tone just lighter than hers. But I'm putting the emphasis on the ash now because it's what evened out and gave me the (bright) platinum wow. After 60 minutes with the Clairol Born Blonde, I was white, yellow and orange. Which is what I was warned about after reading review after review, no doubt, to turn my medium almost dark blonde-y brown hair into a platinum so fair. So then I doused my head (after some mixin') with Wella White Lady and some Wella 20 Developer Creme. 30 minutes went by fast and then it was time to rinse. And the ashy tone had taken it to a bright whiter than white hue. Much whiter than honey for what I now call: ASH MONEY.

Photo: Abundance