Monday, June 22, 2015

Lipsy Turvy

I've gone all sorts of lipsy turvy now that I want to look nothing but all sorts of girlie when it comes to my lips and the hot pink colors I want to swipe on 'em. Yep. And it's all thanks to my sis-in-law who told me about this new lip stain brand. Uh-huh. Liptitude is what it's called and now I want them ALL. She told me that it really does stay put (even when gloss is applied to the top - what?!?) and she wants all her other stains to go bye-bye, sayonara, kaput. It was one of the pieces that arrived in her Ipsy that she was gifted with from (my bro) her hubby. Now all that's left for me (and my little lippies) to do is to decide which hue. Ooof.