Thursday, July 18, 2013

Championship Belt

Are you super jealous of my golden championship belt up there? The one that I won totally fair and square in my heavyweight championship round with nothing but the fashion-iest and thriftiest flair around while I was ThredUp shopping for the most perfect accessories in town? I mean, I put up my bargain-y gloved hands with all of my might and threw a big ol' TKO right at the end of the fight. And was declared the champ with an $8.99 price stamp. To which I immediately threw it on with the best J.Crew black tank dress-y gown that itself weighed in at a teeny tiny $32.99. So with this under $42.00 outfit #2, it just has got to be a sign that you HAVE to get into the secondhand shopping ring and bring home your own accessories bling.