Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thred Head

I promised, didn't I, that I'd come back on here today to not only gush, but also to gab about a resale fashion company so fab that I'd have no choice but to bargain budget-y brag? But you'll soon see why as soon as I show you my week's worth of outfit style swag AND their low low low price tags! What is this magical place with the infinite secondhand "practically new" wardrobe-y wears for you? It's called ThredUp and I'm just about to explain through and through all the reasons why I want Thred Head to be my new nickname-y pride. Yours, too!!!

Because not only did the lovelies over there approach me with an offer oh so extraordinaire to wage my own personal budget-friendly clotheshorse-y campaign on all things stylish, yet wallet-affordable all the same, but they also were so kind to offer me a gifted budget of $150 to post outfits for one whole week. To which I said, okay, maybe it was more like a big ol' excited "Eeek!" So that's just what I'm about to do by oh-so-happily showing Day 1's outfit to all of you! Think you're ready for all of this? 'Cause it's pretty gosh darn fan-fashion-tastic !!!

And how could it not be, when ThredUp always and forever guarantees that the percentage of everything off the retail price is a whopping 80?!? That's so crazy, no? Did I just make your bargain-loving head explode? I gotta admit, mine did too. Just a little bit. So are you ready to see the total cost of what this outfit would be for your wallet and you? The little grey sweatshirt? $6.49. The Banana Republic boyfriend jeans? $21.99. And those studded t-strap Guess studlies? Oh just $25.99. So superbly and stylishly sublime. And all for under $55.00!!