Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bexy From The Block

Well. I'm stuck. Stuck in one heck of a writer's blogging block. Nothing is coming to this little mind about any of the possible bargain and fashion-y finds. And I'm in so very deep, that I really can't think of wanting to cheat even just a little bit with the things that I may print. So. I'm taking myself right out of the game and only returning when I'm not feeling so embarrassed and ashamed. A week? Maybe more? No one will know 'til I know for sure. But. I hope you'll come back and read me when I return. Agreed? And, in the meantime, feel free to comment about what you may want to read and see in future posts that will probably be two or three a week at the most. Just so I can happily return without feeling this blogger burn.

Photo: Art Sponge