Sunday, September 15, 2013

Put Back Together Again

That's right, my Thrifted & Talented reading friends, this little blogging egg is back with a new found vengeance! All ready and raring to go and I absolutely cannot wait for your new daily dose of all things stylized and fashion-y. So won't you come back, please oh please? I've got a whole new week scheduled and planned for you. I've even got new titles, too! So you'll always know just what to expect from your bargain and budget blogging friend, Bex. And I'm gonna go ahead and list them for you because, well, I figure that's what you'd want me to do:

Makeup Mondays
Tat Tuesdays
Wardrobe Wednesdays
Tress Thursdays
Fancy Feet Fridays

And don't forget to go and visit BB too, for I've got different daily posts over there for you. Cool? Because I am more than ready to return to this whole blogging thing after my writer's block that kinda burned. For I have never known anything more than my love for all things bargain and budget-y. That's for sure! And thanks so much for being so patient. I just knew that I had to take me a little break and get my blogging head screwed back on. So come back tomorrow, won't you, please just so you can read about all things pretty and makeup-y.